Arad Penitentiary – Romania

Arad Penitentiary is subordinated to The National Administration of Penitentiaries and it is located in the western part of Romania. Our institution is composed of three different units: a maximum security prison, with a legal capacity of 1200 inmates, a correctional facility for incarcerated women from the western region of the country and a national training center for prison staff. In Arad Prison, most inmates serve long term sentences, or are part of different vulnerable inmates’ categories (aggressive, drug addicts, sexual predators, mentally ill). The social educational services provided for inmates address these special needs and are aimed towards reducing personal delinquent factors. In order to provide integrated assistance, our staff collaborates with the local community, by organizing activities inside and outside the prison.

The reintegration department has more than 20 specialists (educators, psychologists, social workers and teachers), who coordinate and implement various intervention programs: cultural, recreational, occupational activities, educational, psychological, social and volunteering programs. In addition, we were part of several European projects, such as the Phare 2006 program „My Chance for Freedom” and the Grundtvig Learning Partnerships: “Art-therapy in the Penitentiaries” (2010-2012) and „Prisonners Opportunity to Educate Children by Telling Stories” (2011-2013).

All of these reflect the interest of the personnel, whose requirements regarding professional skills and competences must be enhanced by continuous learning trainings and activities.
More so, the Training Centre for Prison Officers is a specialized institution which provides initial and ongoing training for the personnel from the Romanian prison system, meetings, workshops, exchange of information and best practices within specialists groups, in line with their specific duties. The training activities are supported by teachers which have extensive experience in prison work, as well as invited specialists from the national and European prison system. The personnel focuses on providing efficient social reintegration services for inmates, as well as continuously developing their professional knowledge and skills.