Consorzio Tartaruga Società Cooperativa Sociale – Italy

Consorzio Tartaruga Società Cooperativa SocialeIt is a structured network of 5 social cooperatives that specifically offer care and support services to mistreated women and children and generally to persons in need or which are in social exclusion conditions, by supplying them with economic, social and family assistance. Our organization’s activities rely on culture of legality, solidarity, social and human promotion. The purpose of the Consortium is to provide and to maintain social and educational services connected with the employment of disadvantaged people, including prisoners. Due to our experience in fighting against different forms of violence and abuse, the Consortium advocates for raising awareness of young people on ill-treatment of women.

An important part of our activity regards prevention programs in prisons, thus creating the link between custodial life and the reintegration process, which is supported through our post-release assistance.

This project will enhance the efficiency of our educational intervention by extending the teaching methods, as well as for gathering innovative practices and international experience.