HMP Grendon Underwood – United Kingdom

HMP Grendon is a therapeutic prison which is focused on reducing risk with serious offenders who have committed crimes against the public by providing small and large groups , psychodrama psychotherapy groups, art therapy, education and programmes to address their offending behaviour and to enhance their sense of self other . As an organisation we also provide an accredited training programme for officers working within the organisation.

HM Prison Grendon is a Category B men’s prison, located in village of Grendon Underwood, in Buckinghamshire, England. The prison is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service, and is jointly managed with HMP Spring Hill which is situated next to Grendon. Opened in 1962, Grendon was initially used as an experimental psychiatric prison and psychiatric unit for prisoners with antisocial personality disorders. It developed into a therapeutic community prison based upon principles established at the Henderson Hospital in London.

There are five, sometimes six discrete therapeutic communities each with over 40 resident prisoners. Most recently, 2014, a small therapeutic community has opened for prisoners with learning disabilities who had previously been excluded from treatment. Grendon has been one of the most researched forensic establishments in the world and has established standards for good relationships between staff and residents, low levels of violence and self-harm. Research studies have shown lower levels of reoffending for men who stay longer than eighteen months. Grendon Prison holds category B & C adult male prisoners in England & Wales. Each the six wings of the prison are therapeutic communities which operate autonomously.

Based on therapeutic community principles, the therapeutic programmes of the prison include teams of doctors, psychiatric nurses, counsellors and prison officers who work with inmates individually and in groups to promote rehabilitation and tackle reoffending.