Panevėžio apygardos probacijos tarnyba – Lithuania

The Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania Panevezys County Probation Service has 11 departments: Anyksciai, Birzai, Ignalina, Kupiskis, Moletai, Panevezys, Pasvalys, Rokiskis, Utena, Visaginas and Zarasai, who offer probation and support services, through the conducted educational programs, for about 1 200 ex-prisoners.

The majority of departments are located in disadvantaged areas, with huge unemployment rates. Support from professional and probation staff are very helpful but not sufficient for ex-prisoners, who have difficulties to understand their needs, feelings and the most important what they want from their life and career.

However, this project could be the light in their life and a huge possibility for them to explore themselves as personalities and they will be happy to find an opportunity to increase their motivation towards education, positive thinking and conflict resolution while being involved in a Grundtvig project.

Due to this, we would like to raise awareness and the capacity of our staff by using effective and innovative practices of psychodrama into daily work. Moreover, we plan to provide the other related local or regional institutions/associations to get benefit from the outcomes of the project by transferring or disseminating them.