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Good Practice Guide (English, pdf)

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Ghid de bune practici (Romanian, pdf)

The project results include the Good Practice Guide, a manual which can offer specialists and volunteers the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills and use easy psychodrama techniques in their current educational activities.

The Good Practice guide also has a video product attached to it, which contains fifteen of the main psychodrama techniques.

1/15: Taking the Pulse of the Group
2/15: Self - Presentation
3/15: The Mirror
4/15: The Interview
5/15: Role Reversal
6/15: Role Reversal with the Significant Other
7/15: Role Revarsal with an Object
8/15: The Auxiliary Chair Technique
9/15: Stimulating Communication and Self-Perception Clarification

10/15: Experience and Become Aware of Positive/Negative Attitudes
11/15: Inspiring the Need for Change
12/15: Highlighting Personal Group Status
13/15: Highlighting Group Relationship
14/15: Conflict Management
15/15: Group Separation