Service pénitentiaire d’insertion et de probation du Val d’Oise – France

The “Service penitentiaire d’insertion et de probation” (SPIP) is working for inmate’s insertion and insertion’s politic in the country of Val d’Oise (95).

SPIP 95 is situated in the middle of France, near Paris, in Ile de France. In this service work 70 professionals (42 social workers, 5 directors, 5 prison guards, 17 administrative staff and a professional for cultural activities).

One team of social workers work in a prison in Osny. Another one is working with probation sentenced people, who live in Val d’Oise. Inmates come from different social strata, but they have many social problems (hosting problems, violence, poverty). The beneficiaries of the services have been sentenced for committing all kinds of offenses (violence, drugs, alcohol, murder, sexual offenses).

We are involved in an important partnership with the community, in order to guide inmates. We work with public institutions (Prefecture, Conseil Général, Conseil Régional, hospital, addiction centers) and associations of educators and psychologists.

It’s the first time that the SPIP 95 participates in an international cooperation. We would like to learn the psychodrama method to use it in our talk-group (groups between inmates who have committed sexual offence or conjugal violence) and help to achieve the objectives of the projects (website, video and guide about psychodrama).